A day in the life of an OIS Early Years child….

6:00 AM:  I wake up & jump out of bed, excited for a new day at school, with my friends and teachers.

6:30 AM:  My parents and I check my schedule for the day, to see which uniform and bags I need.  Some of the fun activities I get to participate in every week are:  Art, Music, PE, Hindi, a trip to the library, outdoor play, the sand pit, water play (this is my favorite!), and LLC time where I can choose from five different activities.  There is a role play/ dress up area, a puzzle corner, the puppet theater, where I can use hand, finger and head puppets, blocks of all kinds, plastic animals, and a city to move the cars around on a special rug!  Oops, I almost forgot… there is also a bike area and large motor place outside the cafeteria that I wish I could play in all the time!

7:00 AM:  I’ve finished my breakfast, brushed my teeth, and now I’m helping mom to pack my healthy snack.  Today, I’m bringing yoghurt and sliced carrots.

7:30 AM:  We leave for school in the car pool with three other kids from my neighborhood.  We laugh and sing all the way to school because we are so excited to tell the teacher about everything that’s happened since we left the school yesterday!

7:50 AM:  Dad is walking all of us to our classrooms, where he drops each of us off, smiles & waves, and says, “Good-bye, have fun, enjoy your ‘work’ today!”  I am so happy to walk into my classroom.

8:00 AM:  My teacher has put out some books, modeling clay, blocks, tiny bears of different colors/sizes, and the colored pencils I like so much.  It is so hard to choose what to do first!  I start off with the colored pencils to make a card for my Mommy.

8:15 AM:  The two teachers got the four centers ready for us while we were all playing with the things they left out for us to explore.  Today’s centers are about the five senses, which is our first Unit of Inquiry in the PYP program.  First, I choose to work with three different colors to make my handprints, and to learn what happens when yellow & red are mixed; you get orange!  Next, I go to the five senses corner to play with the binoculars, sunglasses, magnifying glasses, and record my observations on a tally sheet.

9:15 AM:  We’re going to the outdoor play structure where I can climb and use my large muscles when I am swinging.  YEAH!!

9:45 AM:  Snack time is finally here.  I have to wash my hands before I eat my snack. I am really hungry because I have been playing hard all morning.  I eat my yogurt first, and then the carrots.  I get a “Great Eater” sticker – I am very proud of the healthy snack I brought to school.  After snack, I use the bathroom and wash my hands.

10:05 AM:  It’s story time and my teacher is reading us The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  I love this story, and later we practice cutting out circles and gluing to make our own caterpillars.  We talk about what things the caterpillar ate, because taste is one of my five senses.

10:30 AM:  We’re going to the LLC (Language Learning Center); I think my choice will be to play with the puppets and puzzles.  Maybe my best friend, Priyanka, and I can put on a puppet show!

11:00 AM:  We’re all putting away the toys we took out, back in their right places.  The teachers are singing the “Clean-up” song, and I start singing it too as we finish up in the LLC.

11:10 AM:  I need to use the bathroom, because I was so thirsty after outdoor play, that I drank most of the water in my Dora the Explorer  bottle.  Luckily, there is a didi there to help me with washing my hands, because I  am still practicing this job.

11:15 AM:   Now, I get to choose one of the two centers I didn’t do earlier in the morning.  I go to the listening center to hear a story about my ears and my sense of hearing.  I get to use the headphones, which are really cool.  The pictures in the book are amazing!  I want to use a magnifying glass to look in my daddy’s ears when I get home.

11:45 AM:  Now it’s music time with Ms. Shilpa.  She lets us dance and sing at the same time, which I love to do!  I wonder what songs we’ll sing today in her classroom…

12:15 PM:  We walk back to class with our buddy, holding hands.  My buddy is Yuvann this week – we have fun walking in the halls together; sometimes, he helps me to tie my shoes, because I still haven’t completely figured out how to do that by myself.  I love Yuvann!

12:20 PM:  Now it’s lunch time for some of my friends who stay in the Extended Day Program, but I’m going home with two of the kids from my car pool.  Priyanka’s mommy is picking us up today – I really like her big blue car.

12:30 PM:  My teacher brings us downstairs to be picked up.  I look around and don’t see her right away, so I sit down on the floor to wait until my teacher hands me over to her.  Now, we’re all walking to the car:  Priyanka & her mommy, me, and Kayin.  Soon, I’ll be home to give my mommy the card I made for her this morning!  I’m hungry; I hope Priyanka’s mommy has some snacks for us in the car!

1:00 PM:  I ate the raisins & cheese she gave me, and then I fell asleep in the car.  Mommy helped me out when we got to my house.  I played HARD today and had so much fun at school.  I can’t wait to go back again tomorrow!