Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Program is an initiative that strives to create opportunities for OIS students to become more actively engaged in service-related initiatives within the school, the greater community and the world. This program works towards manifesting the mission and vision of OIS as our students are empowered to engage in issues of social importance with a true sense of responsibility and ownership for global concerns. Through grappling with unsolved and often significant global challenges, students find their voice in how to assess and address the real needs of their school and local community. Through taking action, students see how they can truly 'make a difference'.

The Community Outreach Program strives to initiate incorporation and implement the objectives of a service-learning model into the existing OIS curriculum. This enriches the classroom environment for students and fosters learning through experience beyond the walls of a classroom. Collaborative classroom projects allow students an opportunity to build greater self-awareness, develop leadership skills and positively engage with their surroundings with strong sense of purpose. By building lasting partnerships with NGOs and other organizations, OIS will become an active and more visible community participant that is positively impacting the lives of others through service.