Our Philosophy

Our Vision

At Oberoi International School we give our students the FREEDOM TO THINK and we EMPOWER them TO BE…

School Motto:  Freedom to think. Empower to be…

Our Mission

We are dedicated to fulfilling every child’s educational and developmental needs in a safe and caring environment conducive to learning and teaching. We aim to create responsible, global citizens who show understanding, compassion and acceptance of the differences in the world. We strive to ensure that every child in our care is empowered to make choices and encouraged to contribute to our community.

Our Core Values


We value fostering a passion for lifelong learning by acquiring skills and content required for successful and critical thinkers.


We value treating others the way we ourselves like to be treated.

Social Responsibility

We value the ideas that individuals have the ability to change the world and the group has the power to make this a reality.


We value igniting the spark of creativity and curiosity in our students.


We value celebrating an accomplishment, be it big or small.

OIS Statement on International-mindedness

OIS defines international-mindedness as a way of viewing the world whereby people of all nationalities, cultures, religions and lifestyles are valued equally as individuals, and where our connections with and responsibilities to this rich global community are celebrated, practiced and considered important.

International-mindedness at OIS means demonstrating the flexibility and curiosity that enables us to appreciate not only our many differences, but also our common humanity. It means that we strive to overcome barriers and use our gained understanding to care for each other; to cooperate for the common good, both at OIS and in our community.